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 We were lucky enough to get the chance for an interview with Timo-Timo and Bazie befor the gig in Utrecht NL (08.08.08) We met the guys in their hotel some befor the show. After we got a little lost in the huge hotel  Bazie, Timo and tourmanager Matzi picked us up in the lobby.After any of us five has said hello to eachother ( bit complicated but really sweet)  it took us some time to find the right place for this interview in the kind of crowded hotel ( up the stairs, down the stair, into elevator, out of elvator.....)

But finally we found ouerselfs some cosy little corner in the hotel bar,get some drinks and the interview could begin....

GV: What inspires you?

Bazie: Music!

Timo: Friends, for example.

Bazie: I would say different things.. What makes me happy.


GV: You all seem to be involved in songwriting from time to time..

Bazie: Yeah..

GV: So how is this working?

Bazie: Actually we don't start as a band usually. I start writing stuff and than show it to the band, and eyerybody says what he likes or not and so the process start..

GV: So all of you get involved?

Bazie: At some point yes. Normally ist like this, but now it's only me and Jyrki before we bring it on to everybody and work some more on it. We had „Paris Kills“ we did this more as a band, but this varys from time to time. Some times we have other people involved too - co-writers, so this depends on many things.

GV: Your musical style changes a lot with every one of your albums..

Bazie: Yes! (laughing)

GV: So how comes that?

Bazie: I think it's the same, it's just a thing that happens. You work with different people. Now we are doing the new album with some new people. Some outside people and thats the main effect, you got something new. At least I think we will bring it to a new direction, we try to do better.

Timo: We change our music in every album, but we try to keep some old elements, the best ones.

We don't change our music too much, I think.

GV: People are always wondering what to call you music, wich style. If it's rock, if it's gothic-rock..

What do you think, what would you call it at the moment?

Timo: Gothic-rock is good I think. It's a good name (laughing) I don't know a better one!

GV: This varys from country to country..

Timo: Because we rock!

GV: Yeah, but if you, in germany-

Timo: We are not a typical… Gothband, you know that (laughing)

GV: (laughing) What I meant to say: If you tell some real gothic people here in germany, the 69 Eyes are a goth band, they are like „No way!“

Timo: Thats so true!

Bazie: Yeah thats true, I think we only did this on „Blessed Be“ album.That was the one decent gothic album, like sounding really gothic, but it's different from what we are doing now. Its  more like… Yeah I think lets call it gothic-rock.. Whatever.

GV: So do we think..

Timo: But it's only a name.

Bazie: Anyway there are still some gothic elements, that have always been there.

Timo: But I like the name.. It sounds like…. Dramatically! Stuff like that.

Bazie: Gothrock, Hardrock, Punkrock.. It has a lot of elements mixed up, so I don't know what to call it. Goth `n`roll, gothicrock fits anyway.

GV: Okay..

Bazie: It's good enough, I think ist okay.

GV: All right..

Bazie: (after thinking a moment) I think gothic-hardrock is better now, because -

Timo: Gothic-punkrock! Is much better..!

Bazie: Whatever..

GV: Okay, so we call it gothic-hard-punkrock!

(all laughing)

Timo: But I don't like hardrock!

GV: Okay we will create a all new word for it!

Timo: Okay!

Bazie: Okay, you tell me..

GV: Yeah if we came up with one we will.

(all laughing)

GV: Okay, we are very happy to have you here today for this interview, wich is kind of a seldom thing –

Bazie: Right.

GV: You are not doing interviews this often, while Jussi and Jyrki are doing a lot of interviews, are in different TV shows… Why don't we see more from you too?

Timo: They are so god for that, they are doing so well.

Bazie: I think ist like the more they do, the less do we. The more your name or your face becomes familiar to the people… They take the people already well known for things like this.So this is like repeading itself. If you are already famous, a famous person, they take that person.

Even so we are ok, Im not going there, I don't want to.

Thats the way it goes. But I guess everybody has his way and anyway I diddn't have the time for it, for doing this much.But anybody has their own… You know, the more you do, the more they want from you and you are a famous person. But ist not like we dont want to do Interviews! I have done a bit but not that many…

But it's better like Jyrki can tell over all, all the countries where nobody knows us.He is the person everybody gets to know.

GV: On tour you spend a lot of time together of course - How do you stand this, doesn't it get annoying?

Bazie: YES! (laughing) Of course it does. Every day you try to have some separate time, away from the tourbus, at least thats what I do. Try to be away from everything - when you have time to.

We don´t fight or something like that..

GV: Thats great to hear..

Bazie: Ist more like.. The longer you are on tour, ist easier… After a time you get used to it and it's more like, you know - you don't want to go home.

GV: So how do you like touring at all? Whats the best part of it, whats the worst?

Timo: Wow.. I like touring together with my best friends (pointing at Bazie)!

You know, these guys are my best friends!

GV: Aww, thats so cute!

(all laughing)

Timo: Yeah, when you are touring with your best friends it's cool. It's so simple.

Bazie: I think the best is beeing on stage, playing the show.The worst thing is when something happens, you know. Like when the bus breaks down.. When you have to wait. I would say, waiting is worst, in general… When you have nothing to do.

Timo: Yeah waiting! Waiting is the worst..

Bazie: It's always nice to go to new cities, when you have something to do. But a lot of time you have to wait, you have nothing to do.

On our Tour with Within Temptation we had to cancel one show. And if something like this happens, it's the worst, because you are on tour to play.

GV: That was the worst part of this tour for us too..

Bazie: Yeah it was the worst part of that tour, we had to cancel this show. We hope this wont happen again!

GV: What was the craziest thing that happend to you on tour?

Bazie: I missed the tour! (laughing) No, no..! (points at Timo, to make him answer this question, Timo is thinking but not coming up with something)

Bazie: I tryed to drink whiskey thru my eye

(All laughing, Timo cracking up)

Bazie: Well okay, this was not the craziest, but the stupidest thing, Im lucky Im not blind…

But this guys told me that's the only way to drink whiskey. We were on tour with Cradle Of Filth, and these guys.. Where were they from? Wales? (asking Timo)

Timo: Uhm, that was in the USA…

Bazie: Yeah I know, but these guys..

Timo: Ahhh okay.. Hmmm I don't know, could have been anywhere.

Bazie: Thought this is the best way to have whiskey - Just spill it in your eye.

GV: Well oookay…

Bazie: Well that was the stupidest thing, not the craziest… But always crazy things happen when we are touring. Some times more, some times less.

GV: What is the best thing when you come home after a long tour?

Bazie: I think the best thing is after a few while, after a couple of days. Wehn you came down a bit after touring. Firts it's all sketchy and you are nervous and like „ Where am I going? I have to do something!“ (Makes a face to show how this feels) I'ts like i said, when you are on a long tour, you get used to it, it's the same when you come home. It takes some time you know.

Whats the best, whats the best..? I don't know, you know everybody has his own thing…

Timo: The best, Id say, is to see my family. Thats great!

Bazie: Just to be back again, doing your own things after a while, when you get back to this.

But I think it's good balance. I like to be on tour and then beeing at home. I not like doing some shows. The worst thing actually is to do all this shows on the weekends. I like to be on tour and then be at home for some weeks. But this is like „ Im touring but not on tour“

GV: Well I think the next question is a good one, especially for you Timo.

Timo: Ahaa…

GV: People, especially the ladies, go crazy everywhere you go…

Timo: Hmhm..

GV: How do you deal with this, did you ever get used to this?

Timo: Get used to what? (confused)

(all laughing)

GV:  With all the girls screaming and going crazy for you and stuff…

Timo: Uhmm… (dont know what to say)

GV: Because people keep asking: „ Why is Timo always running away from us?“

Timo: (laughing)

Bazie: Thats just… Thats the way he deals with it.

Timo: Yeah, that it is

Bazie: Just running away.

Timo: Yeah.

GV: So you diddn't get used to it, you don't like it that much?

Timo: Thats just my style… Im gonna say nothing about that...

GV: Okay we will respect this of course. Well, you seem to like -

Timo: What they want from me?

(all laughing)

GV: I don't know, but thats what people keep asking us, why you keep running away.

Bazie: I think it's just his style, his way to deal with it. And there are always too much girls, it's impossible to talk to everybody.

Timo: Yeah, to much girlys for me! (laughing)

Bazie: Well yeah, thats just his way to deal with this.

GV: Well anyway it's not your job to deal with the girls all the day, at all.


GV: So, next question: You seem to like living in Finnland/ Helsinki a lot, as you said in some other interviews…

Bazie: Yeah.

GV: So what is the best about you homecountry? Whats the best place to go, what do you like most?

Bazie: Best place? Hmm… I think the best thing is living by the sea. It's simple. Hm I don't know, it's true, there are some good places, but it's like… You know, I come from a really small city, it's a really nice but really small city and nothing much happening there. There is no chance to be playing music, it's impossible to do what I want there.

But Id probably be doing something else and wont mind living in a smaller city, beeing at work…

But the best thing in Finland is, you have the sea… and it's like… You always have the feeling you can go somewhere because it's by the sea. But I don't think, if Id come from sweden I would ive in Helsinki, or if I'm from Germany… There you go…

Its like, I went as far as I could, but there was the sea and there is Helsinki (laughing)

But it's really not a too big city, so it's easy for us to cooperate as a band, it's not taking a lot of time to go to meet the others. In a city like Berlin it would take a lot of time to cooperate like this. Or in Los Angeles,in New York.

So, I don't know if that was the answer…

GV: Actually it was the answer to our next question! (all laughing)

You are both not born in Helsinki, as far as I know. So If you like, could you tell us something about your childhood and what brought you to Helsinki?

Bazie: It's like 10000 people living in my hometown, and it's like 300 kilometers north from Helsinki.This place is famous for having lots of strawberry fields there. It's all strawberry fields there..

GV: That sounds nice!

Bazie: Yeah, thats what this place is famous for. It's Finlands main place where they are growing strawberries. Ist just a normal place, nothing special about it. Then I were into sports and with 14, 15 I started playing guitar. Then I moved to Helsinki, because there was no chance to do what I want, even not to do a normal job, because there were no jobs. So I moved to Helsinki, I diddn't had a band at first… Just did a normal job, wich was not possible in my hometown, so thats actually the reason I moved to Helsinki. Find a job and than find a band.

Timo: Well. My hometown is Varkaus, it's 300 kilometers from Helsinki, north.

Bazie: Our hometowns are quiet near, 70 kilometers.

Timo: Yeah, ist quiet near to Bazies hometown. Ist a small town of 25000 people, there is a paper factory… It's very normal.

Bazie: In Finland there are a lot of small cities. We actually never played in Timos or my hometown. They are just to small.

GV: An other thing we are wondering about is how you started 69 Eyes, how you all met - Because there are a lot of stories about this. So maybe you can tell us the true one?

Bazie: Yes it's like I told, I came to Helsinki, got a job and looked up bands. And there is Tavastia maybe you know it. And upstairs Tavastia was the Backstage-Club, it's still there, but it's no more a club. I think it's kind of dining-room now or something…

But it was a bar and people get there up from Tavastia. I went there all the time and thats where I met Jyrki and some others. They did some other bands, not Jyrki and me, but with this other guys, but it diddnt went anywhere...  Then he wanted to try something together, wanted to try as a singer.

So we did some songs with a different drummer, an bassplayer. And so we did a band for some time, but that diddn't work. And than, as the same club Backstage we met with some more people for a band, but it wasn't the 69 Eyes then. Timo was next, we met him at the same club.

Timo: We all looked kind of the same, all had long black hair…

Bazie: So this came really easy - and he can play guitar! But you tell Timo…

Timo: We all looked so the same with the long black hair…

Bazie: So that was like the reason. But thats how it actually happend. Thats how we three met.But than we had an other bass-player, than an other drummer and there were many changings… Till we met Archzie and Jussi the same way it took a while, I´d say a year. It wasn't the 69 Eyes first, I think we diddn't play any shows…

GV: Can you tell us something about your upcoming album?

Bazie: It takes some time… Hm, like I said, we had been writing songs… What can I tell? It will be out next year. Thats what I know (laughing) I'm not sure what it will turn out like, but we are not working with the same people, with the same producer, so it's gonna change. Definatily will be better, but I don't know how.

I'm not sure about the music changes, that's up to the producer too and it changes during recording. But at least we ant to change some things, you know. But I wouldn't say there will be to massive changes from the last two albums. I tryed to do something different and we have some good stuff. We have written a lot of stuff, but then we will have to bring it down to about ten songs.


GV: Time is nearly over now…

Bazie: We can go on for some minutes.

GV: Thanks! Well, we asked the fans to send us their questions for you - and we really got a lot of questions!

Bazie: We have about 5 minutes, bevor we have to leave for the show.

GV: Okay, so I will pick some short ones… Okay, one person wants to know, if you have any pets?

Bazie: No.

Timo: No. But I had a dog

GV: What was his name?

Timo: Nene! Nene…. [Hope ist spelled right - GV] He, no she, was a black labrador.

GV: What do you apreciate most in people?

Bazie Hmm… (thinkig) I don't like people! (laughing)

Timo: I love eeeverybody!

(all laughing)

Bazie: Okay, I like when people are honest… And talkative… Thats what I like… And funny!

GV: If you could be a character from any book/movie/TV show/ etc. – Who would you like to be?

Bazie: Tarzan!

Timo: Who?

Bazie: Tarzan (laughing)

Timo (cracking up) Batman!

Bazie: Uhmmmmm (thinkig about it again) Nooo, Tarzan is good.

GV: Okay, very nice…

Timo: Cheeta!

(Bazie cracking up)

GV: Okay here is one for you Timo,again: Do you feel rather punk or goth?

Timo: Ahhh… wow…

GV: Your hairstyle gives us some hints maybe…?

Timo: I must say…. 50/50

GV: If you had to dye your hair any other coulor than blak - wich one would it be?

Bazie: Red!

Timo: Wow… Brown could be nice.

GV: Well, I think pink could suit you very well…

(all laughing)

GV: What is your mobile-ringtone?

Bazie: Something classical

Timo: Yeah.

Bazie: I had some rocksongs, but then you get sick of that song after a while and you don't want to hear your favourite song AGAIN. So something classical is better. So It doesen't get annoying when your phone rings.


GV: What makes you nervous?

Bazie: Ringtones! (laughing)

GV: And maybe difficult questions like this?

Bazie: No… Uhm… errr nervous… Music business!

Timo: yes… Me too.

GV: Do you own a car, and if so wich one?

Bazie: No.

Timo: A car? Yes I have. I have a Renault Laguna.

GV: Is there any  CD/song that changed your live somehow?

Bazie: That happens so many times…

Timo: Bump ´n´ Grind - The 69 Eyes (laughing)

Bazie: Motörhead - Ace of spades

Timo: That really changed your live?

Bazie: Yes it does. It really changed my live!

GV: Okay last question: Wich question you always wanted to be asked in an interview?

Bazie: Thats a hard one, I seldom do interviews. You can ask me whatever you want! (laughing)

GV: You don't really want me to do this!

(all laughing)

Timo: Who will pay this beers? (raises his glas)

(all laughing again)


GV: Good one. Well I think thats it, thank you very much! 

After this Bazie and Timo really have to hurry and kind of ran off. Oh and by the way: We payed the beers, the guys of course have been invented

We really want to thank Bazie and Timo for taking so much time and beeing so kind and nice.

Also a big "thank you" to Matzi for her help!

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