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The Baltic Sea is the most polluted sea in the world. Worldwide climate change affects us all. "Operaatio Maa" (Operation Earth), a new series starting in November on Finnish TV channel 4, features three separate teams with different environmental causes. Rock stars Jyrki 69 and Jussi 69 from THE 69 EYES form one of the teams, that will man the barricades for saving the Baltic Sea: they have formed an anarchistic environmental movement called Pirates Of The Baltic Sea and invite everyone aboard the ship that sails under the green Jolly Roger.

HANOI ROCKS frontman Michael Monroe joined the Pirates and created a powerful, anthemic call to arms that aims to wake people up from their apathy and to take action: every single living soul CAN take part in saving the Baltic Sea. Michael Monroe has always been an actively aware person, even back in the day: in the '80s he participated in the Sun City project, which was Bruce Springsteen's and Little Steven's worldwide musical protest against apartheid. Besides singing the song along with a bunch of other international rock stars, Michael Monroe can be seen in the legendary Sun City music video.

With the song "Pirates Of The Baltic Sea", Michael Monroe appears at his most aggressive, and punky for quite some while. The international band of misfits that recorded the song with Michael is a true rock'n'roll crew of the highest order: Jussi 69 behind the drums, underground legend Adam Bomb on the guitar, WARRIOR SOUL's Kory Clarke singing backup, and BACKYARD BABIES' Dregen on the guitar as well. A music video for "Pirates Of The Baltic Sea" — directed by Tuukka Temonen — was shot a short while ago on the Baltic Sea aboard the marine research vessel Aranda.

The release party for the "Pirates Of The Baltic Sea" single and video will be held at the Tavastia Club in Helsinki on Friday, September 19 starting at 1:30 p.m.

For more information, visit
piratesofthebalticsea. fi

This page is in finnish only, but if you klick arraound a bit you can find some interesting stuff. ( For ex: Go to " Musavideo - Katso" to see the musicvideo, starring Jussi 69 and Michael Monroe... )


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