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We`v been on vacation for a while, but now we are back in town so here are some collected news of the last days:

Line up for the Hellhounds Festival has changed, on the off. myspace it says:

"Due to circumstances beyond vain productions control there are some changes in the line up for the Hellhounds fest. Scream Silence has cancelled their participation on the Hellhounds fest, and due to the short notice to find a suitable replacer we are facing major production and logistic difficulties.
This has forced us to cut down the package and cancel Novembre on this tour. We all regret that we had to come to this decision.

So the line up for the Hellhounds fest will be:
All bands will play a longer set
28 th February, Asrai will join the Hell hound Fest at the Boerderij- Zoetermeer."


See Jyrki 69 on finnish tv show "Gone Fishing" (www.gonefishingshow.com )


Operaatio Ma (another TV show in wich Juss& Jyrki appeared) won the finish tv emmy venla!


Some news on the upcoming album:
"The 69 Eyes has started recording their next, ninth studio album with the Grammy awarded producer Matt Hyde. He is most known from his works with Slayer, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu. The recording process will take place both in Helsinki and Los Angeles. The still unnamed album will come out in September 2009, a possible video & single cut earlier in the summer."


21.1.09 22:37


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